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With the right QR code labels, you can track and identify
your clinical assets with ease. Choose from a variety of
durable labels to stand up to your unique work conditions.
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Get the right QR Code Labels for your Clinical Assets

Find a wide variety of options to suit your needs - from durable materials and finishing to custom shapes with application-matched adhesives.

Custom QR code labels that works with your specific needs

Ravsol enables you to generate and print your own barcodes for light-duty use and provides a perfect solution for any business that needs to create its own QR Code Labels but is not sure what material or durability will work best. We can help you find out which one works with your specific needs.

Pack lots of information into an easy and fast-scanning format

Say goodbye to manual searching through spreadsheets or paper records to find your clinical asset information. With unique QR Code Labels on every clinical asset, the vital information about your clinical assets is now at hand with just one rapid barcode scan. Save your time and resources.

Built-in QR code scanning capabilities with our mobile app

Stop paying for expensive QR Code scanning equipment. If you have a phone or tablet with a camera, then scan your clinical assets quickly to complete check-outs and run audits. You can even lookup maintenance histories on these devices. It’s like having an all-in-one computing device that is also portable enough for field use.

See Ravsol in action

Our FREE demo will show you how we can transform your clinical asset management system so it’s faster and more efficient.