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Robust medical asset tracking
software that helps drive informed decisions.
Cloud-based mobile technology offers complete
flexibility to manage your medical assets with ease.
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Drive Efficiency in your Health Care Facility

From locating and tracking assets to preventing asset loss, our cutting-edge analytics software helps you gain visibility and make data-driven decisions to provide a safe, compliant environment for your patients


Gain instant access to equipment information and status


Manage your critical mobile assets in real-time


Monitor and analyze equipment data in real-time to mitigate operational disruptions


Derive powerful financial, operational, and clinical insights to drive decisions

How it works

Gain total visibility and better insights into your medical assets in three simple steps

Configure the platform

You decide how Ravsol’s intuitive interface functions for your unique needs with unlimited fields and configurations. Quickly integrate with legacy systems and seamlessly import data from existing spreadsheets.

Assign permissions

With user templates, you can define a role-based activity so your team interacts with Ravsol in ways that are relevant to their responsibilities. You will also be able to protect sensitive data, improve accountability & increase efficiency as more people use the system on a daily basis.

Track assets

You and your team have on-demand access to asset information anytime, from anywhere. Use the same devices you already use such as smartphones, tablets, and computers for this purpose.

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Key Features


Assign Assets
Easily and quickly assign assets to users and work sites. Enforce accountability.


Asset Kitting
Bundle equipment up for a quick and agile performance across multiple assets. Save time and costs.


Checkouts and returns
Use past-due reminders and accurate data to deploy and return assets. Keep the concerned staff in the loop.


Equipment history
Quickly see a full history of your equipment and get the reporting, visibility, and forecasting you need to make informed decisions.


Track compliance
Reinforce established guidelines with record histories. Stay in compliance – with warranty, insurance, and government regulations.


Manage contract
Stay on top of your technology contracts to avoid any surprises or disruptions. Get notification alerts for contracts about to expire.


Track funding source
Remain compliant with all grant requirements for use and disposal to ensure future funding.


Generate barcode
Create custom barcodes and QR codes to simplify asset management across your organization.

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