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Technology-enabled clinical engineering

Ravsol is trusted by some of the most prestigious names in the healthcare industry. We’ve been providing advanced asset management solutions with highly trained on-site technicians empowered with a centralized support model that ensures reliability and safety across multiple devices of your healthcare facility.

You can have peace of mind in knowing that costs on medical devices will never increase over their contract, offering you persistent, long-term savings in addition to the baseline savings on the cost of a traditional service contract.

Program Standardization

Designed specifically for healthcare facilities, our clinical engineering services are built by a multidisciplinary team of clinical engineers, supply chain executives and safety and quality experts on a robust technology platform.

All of your regulatory and supply chain functions have been seamlessly integrated into the platform. This unique feature helps you create work orders, dispatch technicians who can resolve any vulnerabilities associated with medical devices quickly – all while achieving higher efficiency.

Check Device Availability

Ravsol’s biomedical engineering team is committed to ensuring that your medical device inventory maintenance meets the highest standards.

Through our cutting-edge technology solutions, we proactively identify necessary repairs and maintenance for your clinical assets. You can automate work orders through Ravsol’s entire system to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish

Ensure Compliance

Ravsol’s cutting-edge software solutions improve the safety of healthcare organizations by integrating quality and regulatory monitoring into all functional workflows.

Get support on your journey to providing the best care possible. We will help you navigate through Accreditation and Regulatory Surveys, Environment of Care (EOC) investigations into patient safety incidents, Mock Audits, Alerts and Recalls, Supplier Quality Audits, etc.

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