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Unlock the full potential of your clinical assets
and interoperability with mainstream technology.
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Access your medical equipment right when you need it

Your patients are in good hands. You just focus on them and we’ll take care of the hardware.

Thanks to our comprehensive medical inventory software, you can be confident in knowing where that crucial device is and what condition it’s in. With this information at hand, you can focus on providing the best care possible for your patients.

Save more lives and resources

Don’t let your company’s bottom line suffer because of frequent equipment break-down.

Medical equipment downtime is a costly affair. Ravsol helps you keep track of maintenance schedules and ensure that each piece has been serviced, so there’s no need for worries when it’s time to service your equipment.

Time to reimagine. Work together

Ravsol provides a way for everyone to access our inventory management software.

Health care employees may need a system that everyone can use if the healthcare facility wants to get any work done swiftly. With Ravsol, everyone from nurses to administrators and volunteers will all be able to log into the same dashboard from anywhere.

Turn your Medical Inventory Software into an Asset for the Company

See what all you can do with our medical inventory software

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Role-Based Access Control
Enhanced data protection is just a few clicks away. Get enhanced security for any job function in your healthcare organization with our simple onboarding process.

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Asset Management
Manage your clinical assets from anywhere with our App designed for your Android or iOS devices.

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QR & Barcode Scanner
Say goodbye to expensive and bulky barcode scanning equipment that’s incompatible with other devices. Use a built-in barcode scanner.

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Custom Notifications
No one should have to work without being up-to-date. Stay informed automatically with our technology and you’ll be more efficient too.

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Custom Actions
Using our pre-built or customizable actions, you can match what your organization needs.

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Full Lifecycle Visibility
Get better visibility of how your medical equipment is being utilized and what the future may hold with full visibility of its history.

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Check-In/Check-Out Visibility
Allows you to see precisely where each medical device is being deployed and returned in real-time.

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Track Maintenance
You’ll never have to worry about your clinical equipment going out of date or becoming obsolete, as you can stay up-to-date with all repair requests and fulfillment.

See Ravsol in action

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