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Use actionable data insights to address the social
determinantsof health (SDoH) in member populations.
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Real-World Application of SDoH insights

Get insights into the social challenges impacting patients and communities

Ravsol’s analytics tools, like machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics, and risk stratification models, can help you forecast future health outcomes using social determinants of health (SDoH) data. With such insights, providers and payers can take appropriate actions in time to mitigate risks. 

Actionable Information

The complex nature of SDoH data makes it difficult for most people to determine who is at risk and what interventions will have the most significant impact. Ravsol makes it easy for you to get actionable information from massive amounts of complex SDoH data.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Create captivating dashboards in minutes that can generate SRG scores for individuals and various levels of social risk models for groups. Payers and providers can leverage such data points to achieve more targeted interventions.

Augment Foresight

Payers and providers need frequent and easy access to the latest data and related predictive modeling to properly design programs, monitor progress, and measure improvement. Ravsol can help you derive insights from big dynamic SDoH data.

Drill-Down Analytics

To view the risks and variables specific to communities, neighborhoods, and even streets within their service areas, payers and providers must be able to drill through analysis and reports derived from SDoH data. This can help you drive decisions that may potentially transform patient care and member engagement. Ravsol provides you a closer look at the data-driven insights to provide better care and improve engagement.

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