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Dynamically reallocate equipment and make the best use of
your clinical assets, decreasing redundant purchases and
costly rentals.
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Share and Maximize Utilization

Gather accurate information for equipment sharing and optimizing utilization

Leverage the power of data to drive decisions in clinical equipment sharing between facilities, ensuring that you have enough of it on hand for each site. As a result, eliminate rentals, reduce capital expenses such as purchases or leases, and save on costs.

Share Equipment

Create a seamless experience for patients and better utilize your clinical assets by sharing these resources within your network. Expand access for each of your facilities and save them money in bundled purchases across networks.

Check Before Renting

The equipment to support the case volume spike between your network hospitals is generally finite, and this may lead to sudden expensive rentals, which increase costs and cut into per-procedure margins. Our platform identifies what’s needed in each case while taking advantage of existing resources for savings.

Expand Inventory within the Network

You need not be limited to the equipment within the four walls of your facility. By making equipment available to other facilities or surgeons within your network, you can attract new patients and expand the impact of your investment. Thus, you may not need to buy dedicated resources for a single facility.

Support Providers

The healthcare industry is competitive, and new providers must be equipped appropriately. Avoid unnecessary spending on equipment that can still get used by sharing it with other hospitals within your network. While doing so, free up your physicians so that they are able to practice anywhere where the patients might want to see them.

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