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Next-generation technology that tracks, manages, and
maintains clinical equipment in real-time to provide a
comprehensive, ongoing assessment.
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Take a Holistic Approach to Clinical Asset Management

Real-time network monitoring with next-generation clinical asset informatics

Today’s healthcare facilities face increased patient volume and higher patient experience expectations. To meet these increasing demands, they need to eliminate wasted steps and create a more streamlined workflow. Clinical asset management (CAM) is one of the critical components to make such an effective workflow. With Ravsol’s best-in-class clinical asset management (CAM) solutions, you can do more than just track medical devices. 

Gain Insights

Get information on several data points like manufacturing date, service history, cybersecurity information, OEM support, downtime, and more. The resulting assessment can help you forecast critical needs and guide financial decisions on procurement and reallocation. This can also improve clinician satisfaction and patient care.

Overcome Supply Shortages

To overcome supply shortages, you need an accurate and detailed equipment inventory that is updated frequently. Getting ahead of supply shortages requires forecasting the next bottleneck in the system. Such forecasting requires detailed information about the available inventory. Our clinical asset management (CAM) solution provides you with necessary insights that can help you alleviate the troubles caused by supply shortages during a health crisis, which helps patients and aids staff.

Improve Cybersecurity

More medical devices going online presents a more significant risk. Our cybersecurity solution can help you protect your clinical assets against cyber threats. It can flag the availability of software patches for medical devices, monitor vulnerabilities, and detect suspicious activity. Further, it can even provide a cyber risk score for each medical device, giving you another significant factor to consider in cost-benefit analyses. In addition, you can access inventory reports, cybersecurity assessments, recall notifications, and more.

Visual Dashboards for Executive Visibility

Our proprietary algorithms and dashboards help you understand, visualize, and assess your equipment needs and troubleshoot problems. Levering AI’s power, it can weigh factors such as OEM support, repair needs, manufacturing date recalls, cyber risk, estimated remaining life, and utilization data to recommend whether a device should be replaced, upgraded, disposed of, or reallocated. In addition, it shows not just the present equipment status but can also predict when the equipment will fail before it does so. Thus, it helps you avoid unplanned and troublesome downtime. This allows for smarter planning on capital expenditures and reduces operating expenditures.

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