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Get accurate and complete original healthcare claims
management support, including the submission
of encounters backed by supplemental diagnosis data.
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Optimize Your Revenue Cycle Management

Implement accurate and complete healthcare claims management

Get Accurate and Complete View

Our innovative solution provides a complete view of initial encounters submissions and supplemental diagnosis data in HIPAA compliant paper or electronic medical record format. We can also support various proprietary submission formats for your specific needs; all transactions are audited with an audit trail, so you’ll know what’s going on at every step of the way. In addition, we compare financial data with corresponding encounter submissions to ensure encounter data is a complete representation of the healthcare services provided.

Streamline Processes

Our innovative solutions provide accurate and complete encounter data to our clients. When a recognized risk or delay is detected, we immediately identify the root issue, conduct analysis, and provide resolution under applicable standards. Our claims adjudication process is the same for different providers. We complete all necessary steps in the claims adjudication process to help you conclude swiftly.

Get Actionable Insights

We have deep expertise in gathering, analyzing, and reporting healthcare claims data with proven technical management capabilities. As a result, our claims adjudication team can quickly identify and take action against inappropriate utilization of services and quality of service concerns.

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